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Welcome to AI3 & SOI Asia Bi-Annual Meeting (2013), at UCSM, Mandalay, Myanmar

Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3) project was kicked off in 1995 by WIDE Project and JSAT Corp. It has been operating a satellite based testbed network in South East Asia and producing a series of research activities using the testbed.

School on the Internet Asia (SOI Asia) Project was started in 2001 to connect research and education in Asia using a satellite unidirectional link as a platform for distance learning. The SOI Asia Project aims at contributing to the higher development in Asian countries through the utilization of the Internet and Digital Technology, and by fully making use of the educational resources and technology of SOI. Now this project has 28 universities and research institutes partners in 14 countries in Asia and has deployed receive-only satellite earth stations at each partner site to share the distribution of live lectures from Japan as well as archived lectures.