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Courses and Syllabus

Courses and Syllabuses are based on the IEEE_ACM Computer Science and Computer Engineering curriculum guidelines. ACM and IEEE Computer Society have a long history of sponsoring efforts to establish international curricular guidelines for undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. These curriculum are designed to prepare graduates for a variety of professions, attracting the full range of talent to the field. Professionals in the field typically embody a characteristic style of thinking and problem solving.

At a broad level, the expected characteristics of computer science and computer engineering graduates include the followings:

  • Technical Understanding of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Familiarity with common themes and principles
  • Appreciation of the interplay between theory and practice
  • System-level perspective
  • Problem solving skills
  • Project experience
  • Commitment to life-long learning
  • Commitment to professional responsibility
  • Communication and organizational skills
  • Awareness of the broad applicability of computing
  • Appreciation of domain-specific knowledge