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The UCSM Research Repository is an open access institutional repository providing searchable access to research publications authored by UCSM staff and students.



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Recently Added:

Feature Selection to Classify Healthcare Data using Wrapper Method with PSO Search
Thinzar Saw, Phyu Hninn Myint [ 2019-09-08 ]
As a result of the rapid development of technology, data that contain a large number of features are produced from various applications such as biomedical, social media, face recognition, etc. Processing of these data is a challenging task to existing data mining and machine learning algorithms to make the decision.....
Analysis on Skin Colour Model Using Adaptive Threshold Values for Hand Segmentation
Phyu Myo Thwe, May The` Yu [ 2019-09-08 ]
The hand gesture recognition system is the hottest topic for the human-machine interaction and computer vision fields. The hand gesture recognition system is still a challenging research area in computer vision for human-computer interaction because of various device conditions, various illumination effects, and very complex background.....
Feature Representation and Feature Matching for Heterogeneous Defect Prediction
Thae Hsu Hsu Mon, Hnin Min Oo [ 2019-08-07 ]
Software Defect Prediction (SDP) is one of the highly influential software engineering research topics. Early within-project defect prediction (WPDP) used intra-project data.....
Preprocessing with Contrast Enhancement Methods in Bone Age Assessment
Aye Aye Aung, Zin Mar Win [ 2019-08-07 ]
Bone age assessment (BAA) using radiological x-rays of the left-hand wrist is important in pediatric endocrinology to correctly assess growth and pubertal maturation. To identify the age, the most commonly used technique is bone age assessment.....
Analysis of Online Social Network after an Event
Myat Mon Oo, May Thu Lwin [ 2019-08-07 ]
Twitter can inform us what people are currently talking about and what is happening in the world. In the movement to free Reuters journalists (#FreeWaLoneKyawSoeOo) who were detained in Myanmar on Dec.....
HPC Feature for Crowd Outdoor Scenes Estimation
Htet Htet Lin, Kay Thi Win [ 2019-08-01 ]
Crowd people estimation in outdoor scenes is a difficult task and an important research area in the computer vision of person monitoring security fields. The effectiveness of feature is very crucial for this estimation.....
Annotated Guidelines And Building Reference Corpus For Myanmar-English Word Alignment
Nway Nway Han, Aye Thida [ 2019-08-01 ]
Reference corpus for word alignment is an important resource for developing and evaluating word alignment methods. For Myanmar-English language pairs, there is no reference corpus to evaluate the word alignment tasks.....
Simplifying Control Flow Graphs for Reducing Complexity in Control Flow Testing
Myint Myitzu Aung, Kay Thi Win [ 2019-08-01 ]
Control Flow Graph (CFG) is the graphical representation that contains all possible paths in the program execution. It is very essential part of the control flow testing but there are some challenges in generating the effective CFGs.....
Lip Event Recognition and Geometric Feature Extraction for Lip Reading System
Thein Thein, Kalyar Myo San [ 2019-08-01 ]
A lip reading system is a communication technique used by a hearing person in a conversation. Now and again, the word they understand does not match what the other speaker says.....
Gait Recognition for Person Identification using Statistics of SURF
Khaing Zarchi Htun, Sai Maung Maung Zaw [ 2019-08-01 ]
In recent years, the use of gait for human identification is a new biometric technology intended to play an increasingly important role in visual surveillance applications. Gait is a less unobtrusive biometric recognition that it identifies people from a distance without any interaction or cooperation with the subject.....
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