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Analysis on Skin Colour Model Using Adaptive Threshold Values for Hand Segmentation

  The hand gesture recognition system is the hottest topic for the human-machine interaction and computer vision fields. The hand gesture recognition system is still a challenging research area in computer vision for human-computer interaction because of various device conditions, various illumination effects, and very complex background. The recognition of hand gestures used in various application areas: such as sign language recognition, man-machine interaction, human-robot interaction, and intelligent device control and many other application areas. The robust detection of hand in hand gesture recognition system has become a challenging task due to clutter background, dynamic background, and various illumination conditions in real-world conditions. Segmentation is the partioning/separating the foreground hand region from the background region in an image. Segmentation is also pre-processing steps of the hand gesture recognition system. The recognition accuracy will increase if the hand region correctly detected. So, hand region detection is the main important step for the hand gesture recognition system.  
Phyu Myo Thwe, May The` Yu


Image and Signal Processing Lab, Faculty of Information Science


Image and Signal Processing

Journal Article

International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing(IJIGSP), Hong Kong, 2019, Volume 11, No-9, pp. 25-33
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