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On 18th September 1997, the University of Computer Studies, Mandalay was established under the Ministry of Science and Technology to conduct teaching and research in various branches of computer science and technology. To help meet the growing need for and advanced computer education in Myanmar, UCSM offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as diploma programs in computer studies. On 27th January 2009, the Ph.D. program was started. UCSM is promoted as University of Computer Studies, Mandalay (Centre of Excellence) in 2012-2013 Academic Year. Its teaching materials and textbooks are in English. Our Missions are to produce experts who have the practical ability to invent, install, experiment with, and apply computer hardware and software with a view to making Myanmar a modern and developed nation and to train Information Technology (IT) professionals for Myanmar.

Learning Management System (LMS) has been using as a learning platform at UCSM since 2014. Teachers and students access the learning resources (e-Books, lecture slides, learning materials, etc. ) from the Class or Lab Rooms or their places. Student assessments such as tutorials, assignments, mid-term exams, practical exams and other activities are performed via LMS.


Welcome to University of Computer Studies, Mandalay!

University of Computer Studies, Mandalay (UCSM), which was founded in 1997 is the secondly established University in Computing disciplines and majors in Myanmar. Although it was begun with providing only Bachelor of Computer Science (B. C. Sc.) and Bachelor of Computer Technology (B. C. Tech.) degrees in the early years, it has gradually been upgraded to open post graduate Courses and it is currently offering six Graduate degrees, Master and Doctoral degrees.

UCSM is currently implementing the outcomes-based teaching and learning and digital transformation with Courses. The mission of the UCSM is to contribute to society through producing high-quality graduates and applied research outcomes. The core values of UCSM are promoting accessibility, inclusiveness, integrity and excellence. The research areas are focused on applied and current fields of ICT which enable to assist social and economic development of Myanmar and is also in line with both Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG) and Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan 2018-2030 (MSDP).

  • To nurture graduates who have self-directed learning skills to meet the changing demand of the future jobs
  • To offer the programmes that produce graduates who have competitive power in regional and national labour market
  • To improve the quality of education in terms of curriculum, learning environment, research and teaching processes
  • To fulfill the university’s infrastructure to reinforce interactive teaching, learning and assessment methods
  • To provide opportunities for professional development of faculty to support their educational and pedagogical responsibilities
  • To foster well-qualified graduates through quality academic programmes that challenges all students to perform at their highest potential keeping a transformative impact on society through continual innovation



Dr. Moe Pwint

Dr. Khin Thanda Soe
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