Univeristy of Compute Studies, Mandalay

Research Labs

Researchers at the University of Computer Studies, Mandalay are to carry out world-class research in pursuit of computer science and technology and to contribute to the area of software engineering, data mining and machine learning, semantic web and web services, big data and cloud computing, image and signal processing, natural language processing and network security, etc.

Software Engineering Lab

Software Engineering lab is to provide hands-on experience with different aspects of Software Engineering and its development stages.

Image and Signal Processing lab have been doing research for several domains such as Medical imaging, Video surveillance, Remote sensing, Machine/Robot vision, Color Processing.

Image and Signal Processing Lab

Natural Language Processing Lab

Natural Language Processing Lab aims to develop the research works that support both education and instruction, and collaboration between human or artificial agents.

Cloud Computing lab is to provide a hands-on comprehensive study of cloud computing concepts and capabilities across the various cloud service models, cloud applications and deployment models of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Lab