University of Computer Studies, Mandalay


The winner of ACKF2019 at

Tokyo University, Japan

9th November, 2019


Myanmar Collegiate Programming Contest

18th October, 2019

Application Contest for University Students hosted by KDDI Foundation

Grand Winner Prize

23rd February, 2019

MCPA Quiz (Mandalay Region)


28th July, 2019

Drama Contest

August, 2018



Best Research Paper Prize in Science and Technology Fair

15th – 16th February 2018

ACM-ICPC Programming Contest

18th October 2018



The China -Myanmar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

25th – 26th April 2018

Korea World Skills Competition 2017


Gold Medal Prize


Outstanding Achievement Award for Team Project in Gyeonggi ICT Global Startup 2017 Program, Korea


ACM-ICPC Myanmar Collegiate Programming Contest

Grand Winner Prize